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Haida Singer  Artist  Author  Educator


"Song goes with dance goes with artworks goes with storytelling...and it comes through us just as natural as the river flows."

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“My hope is that my artistic endeavors amplify the love, wisdom and faith of my Haida people and ancestors".

Sondra Segundo is an activist, a published author, artist and composer/singer of the Haida language. She is an educator and has worked in schools and programs throughout the Northwest, teaching art and sharing her books and songs.

Sondra grew up singing both traditional Haida songs and gospel music with Elders. She released her first album, Dí­i Gudangáay uu Sí­igaay - I Can Feel the Ocean in 2018 and 2nd album, Sáandlaanaay-The First Light in 2020.

Her community activism lead her to building non-profit organization, Haida Roots, which focuses on preserving the Haida language.